Bookda’s knowledge and experience in the realm of equitable philanthropy is unsurpassed; Her strength is in working across all levels of organizations from boards of directors to frontline staff to make racial equity an integrated and ongoing practice in the work. This talent is so urgently needed in the field, it cannot be overstated.

- Peter Bloch Garcia, Executive Director, Latino Community Fund of Washington

Bookda has done a tremendous job consulting with Seattle Rep on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion over the past two years and I have gotten so much out of my direct work with her.  She brings great experience, knowledge, and skill from her many years working in executive leadership and in board positions for multiple not-for-profits to the table, and so has tremendous compassion and respect for the many challenges that leaders face in running these complex institutions.  At the same time, she carries a strong point of view and a mindset that is focused on execution, delivery, and progress.  She is a strong communicator and can very effectively get sometimes uncomfortable ideas across to staff, leadership, and Board members while always making people feel included, respected, and heard.  It is a rare talent.  Bookda is a huge asset to our sector and our community—you will love working with her!  

- Jeffrey Herrmann, Managing Director,  Seattle Repertory Theatre

Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of working with Bookda on an equity/inclusion plan for Seattle Repertory Theatre; she meticulously assessed the perspectives, needs and goals of all constituents and developed an action plan consistent with our mission. At Washington Women’s Foundation, she has assisted our planning committee with program development for an educational conference on systems change. I admire Bookda’s warm, friendly, calm demeanor as she insightfully shares her organizational skills, management expertise, passion for equity, and deep connections to the various communities she cherishes. Generous with her time, respectful and inclusive of all, Bookda effectively links aspiration with real world expertise.

- Elizabeth Choy, MD, PhD, Trustee, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Member, Washington Women’s Foundation

Our organization has grown dramatically this past year, mostly due to Bookda’s advice and coaching. She is unsurpassed in her deep knowledge of fundraising, effective messaging, and the critical steps needed to build capacity and power for our important work. She applies her strategic thinking to diverse situations and community-building in creative ways that open our minds to new possibilities. I believe the positive impact of Bookda’s influence will be with us for many years.

- Susan Balbas, Cherokee/Yaqui Nations, Executive Director, Na’ah Illahee Fund

Bookda is a phenomenal leader who brings both passion and warmth to any project she works on. She has a deep analysis of social justice issues like race and class. Even more impressive is her ability to communicate these ideas to people from all backgrounds. Among other things, these qualities make her a fantastic fundraiser, from writing effective appeals, major donor engagement, and grassroots fundraising.

Zeke Spier, Executive Director, Social Justice Fund

Bookda and I met when she was Executive Director at Global Washington. One minute I was making a comment about their popular annual conference, and the next thing I know, I was in monthly meetings to help plan the next one. She’s an inspirational leader who draws people and resources -- seemingly out of thin air! -- to the causes she supports. It’s always a great pleasure to work with Bookda. 

-Kentaro Toyama, Chair of Global Washington's Conference Planning Committee; Researcher at the School of Information at the University of California Berkeley

I served on the board of Social Justice Fund (SJF) throughout Bookda's tenure as its executive director. When she took the role of ED, SJF was struggling to find new strategies to address race and class within its own operations. It had a 25 year history of funding progressive organization representing people of color but had made only halting progress in transforming itself to include and represent these communities. Bookda brought a new vision to this work and through creative fundraising, formation of strategic coalitions, board development, staff recruitment and extensive outreach to diversify and enlarge its membership, she took SJF where it needed to go.  Her success was due in large part to her relentlessly positive attitude, comprehensive grasp of racial/cultural struggles and amazing courage.

 - Michael Baker, Board of Directors, Social Justice Fund

I first met Bookda at an event where she was at a table, representing Global Washington.  I was intrigued with the idea of this new organization, and was impressed with Bookda, with her personally engaging style, her international outlook, and with the fact that she was starting this organization for the purpose of convening people engaged overseas but based in Washington, for the purpose of learning from and meeting others with both challenging and complementary backgrounds and skills.  I have attended most of the Global Washington conferences and benefited from my membership in the organization in a variety of ways in my professional career as well as through new friendships.  She consistently brought both international experience and local expertise to the table.  I have known Bookda for six years now, and have found her extremely helpful with advice, with referrals to others, and as a trustworthy person.   I respect her wide array of skills, and also her deeply caring heart. Bookda is highly professional, and bridges cultures in an amazing way. Her background has uniquely equipped her to connect people to each other, and to see the world through different lenses. Bookda is an initiator, a convener, a connector.  She delivers what she says.  She is a very perceptive listener and wise counselor.  I am privileged to call her friend. 

-Judith Anderson, ACT for Congo